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Coyote Springs put on hold for now

 Development in metropolitan Las Vegas is pushing in all directions, along the cactus-dotted desert floor and up and over craggy foothills and mountains surrounding it. When about 5,000 to 6,000 people move here every month there has to be housing and services for them, but as developable and reasonably-priced land is becoming increasingly scarce, the city is understandably forced to spread further out.

 A few years ago another master-planned community was announced straight up north about 60 miles from town, way out in the high desert, named Coyote Springs. It's a 40,000 acre spread that'll hold 159,000 homes one day and will have thousands of acres reserved for parks, trails and nature sanctuaries. According to the primary builder, the project is outlined to be "sustainable and environmentally responsible".

 One of the main concerns in Las Vegas today is its slowly dwindling water resources, and where to get more of it and how to effectively conserve it. Coyote Springs, fortunately, won't be part of that debate because it has its own groundwater supply.     

 The residential building there, however, is put on hold for the time being and the reasons are evident. The local real estate market is still struggling royally and the mortgage sector isn't doing much better, either. That's plenty of reason to postpone a major development and wait for the weather to clear. In the meantime, some of the basic infrastructure over there is either completed and ready to go or is currently under construction.

 Yet, the way Southern Nevada is growing, Coyote Springs will be built sooner rather than later. As things stand right now, the first models there will open in September of 2009. Another sign that it'll be done is that the Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course is already operational for public play. If anyone is looking for a peaceful round in a pristine high desert, Coyote Springs is the answer.


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