BluefoxToday blog : Showing Instructions are important - 15,000 reasons why you should follow them

Showing Instructions are important - 15,000 reasons why you should follow them

Anna brings up a point that seems to be not getting the attention and seriousness it should from fellow agents. Sellers should also take note, in other words insist while listing their home that specific instructions for access should be instituted for everyone's benefit.

Showing Instructions are important - 15,000 reasons why you should follow them



Our  MLS has recently added a few more choices on showing instructions for listings.  And I for one was very Securing a Phoenix home that is listedpleased to see the changes.  Just this week we encountered a situation where an agent took it upon herself to use the lockbox without even looking at the MLS instructions.  My instructions were VERY CLEAR in the MLS agent remarks section.   Listers permission required. I included  instructions on how to contact us and get an immediate response for showing instructions.


I was shocked to get an email notice that an agent had shown a listing without calling me. I immediately emailed the agent and asked her why she didn't call me first before showing. We then headed over to the property as fast as we could to make sure the house was secured properly - as there are more than 10 doors into the home and there have been agents that missed one or two doors in the past.  On every showing we make it clear to agents to be hyper-aware to check the doors twice before locking up.


You may wonder why we are being so vigilant about showings.  Recently there have been far to many burglaries in the metro area.  Last year one of our properties - armed with an alarm  - was breached. The burglars stole all the brand new stainless steel appliances and somehow they knew the code for the alarm so nobody realized it had happened for a day or two. The police informed us of how much this is happening valley-wide and what the thugs are looking for in many cases. He also gave us excellent tips on how to protect our clients homes as best we could in today's environment.  It didn't used to be the case that we had to be concerned about burglaries at our listings. But it is the reality today. We took their advice and have change our showing practice to protect our clients homes.


That evening I did hear back from the agent. She was extremely apologetic and was so sorry she had not called me first. I know she is a newer agent and that didn't understand the seriousness of what she had done or the possible consequences of entering a listing without permission. She told me her clients were so excited about the house as they were driving the neighborhood and 'pushed' her to take a peak in the moment. I asked her if she knew the consequences of her actions.  I knew what the answer would be - because if she had  known she would never had done it in the first place. 



 MLS Consequences of Breaching Showing Instructions

  • First violation $500.00
  • Second and subsequent violations minimum of $1000.00 up to a maximum of $15,000 and/or a suspension from MLS and/or  Lockbox system for a minimum or 30 days and up to One year.


I thought it best to make this a teachable moment for this agent - rather than going the other direction. Had she not been so sincere it would have been a different story.  My guess is she will never make this mistake again.  And my hope is that other Phoenix area agents will read this post and understand the consequences of breaching showing instructions on listings. 


 Showing Instructions are important - 15,000 reasons why you should follow them




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