BluefoxToday blog : Is Nevada taking advantage of its vast solar power potential?

Is Nevada taking advantage of its vast solar power potential?

It soon will be, in a small scale.

This month Nellis Air Force Base located just north of Las Vegas will start up this continent's largest solar photo-voltaic system, built by the partnership of U.S. Air Force, MMA Renewable Ventures and SunPower Corp. It will generate over 30 million kilowatt hours of power annually and provide 25% of the base's total electricity needs. The system is projected to save the installation $1 million every year, making the source at the same time sustainable and more independent.

Nevada can do much better than that, however. There are more sunny days here than you care to admit. It is estimated that it has the potential to produce 100,000 megawatts of solar power. That was megawatts. Once harnessed and converted it would supply 20 million homes with clean electricity from a reliable source. No disruptions to its delivery, no fluctuating prices and of course no pollution.

The Nellis system is a small step in the right direction. To build a clean energy industry requires ample financing, careful planning and a long time frame. Progressive federal tax policy has been the backbone of the efforts so far and the U.S. Senate is currently debating new energy legislation. One of the critical items on the agenda is the approval of an eight-year extension to the solar energy investment tax credit. Without its passage the nascent industry would face severe obstacles to go forward.

Sen. Reid is for its extension, while Sen. Ensign is still undecided. It would do more than just provide clean energy, it would also create a host of jobs and bolster the state's economy. It could even make Nevada a significant exporter of solar power to other states. Not only our senators should support it, but all senators.




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Comment balloon 6 commentsEsko Kiuru • December 12 2007 12:35PM


I really can't think of a better place for solar power than in the middle of a desert. I can imagine if you took just 10% of your desert and made it into a solar field that it could power Vegas.

Posted by Respect Realty LLC, Brokers - Oregon / SW Washington Real Estate (Respect Realty LLC) almost 11 years ago
I'm not in favor of subsidizing alternative energy like solar, but we're forced to since we subsidize oil, coal and nuclear as well.  Makes no sense.  Subsidize everything with tax payer money and let the lobbyist fight over the money.  Why not let the consumers keep their earned income and allow them to financially support the energy products that make the most sense to them?  And YES!, much more solar in Nevada!
Posted by Evan Little, Eco, Live/Work, Sales and Management (Surterre Properties) almost 11 years ago


Nevada sure is ideal for solar energy generation. The state should do much more to get the industry moving.

Posted by Esko Kiuru almost 11 years ago


The oil, coal and nuclear subsidies should be cut and the difference used for sustainable energy source development.

Posted by Esko Kiuru almost 11 years ago
Looks like we have to look at the entire energy situation. Hopefully, when we elect a new president, that person will address these issues in a meaningful way.
Posted by Joan Whitebook, Consumer Focused Real Estate Services (BHG The Masiello Group) almost 11 years ago


We need a national energy policy that makes sense. Hopefully the next president understands that.

Posted by Esko Kiuru almost 11 years ago