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Where is Vegas?



Grilled seabassThe other day I was scanning this story about a book titled "Cities Ranked & Rated" and figured its my duty to say something about it. The publication uses all sorts of criteria to arrive at its conclusions about over 300 metropolitan areas in the country. Some of them are leisure opportunity, health care, job availability, auto theft rate and so on. Generally speaking the usual stuff, but also a few new items.

Las Vegas is ranked a disappointing 154. And you wonder what happened? Whenever you see one of these, you'd like to think right away that your place is for sure top ten material. Well, didn't work out that way in this list for us.

On the good news side Sin City ranks well in job growth which we already know is one of the better ones around. Another bright spot is the household income that scores well above the national average. And here's an important one, we have 66 Starbucks vs. 13 in the national average. That should've helped a lot, but obviously didn't.

On the bad news column we can find our health care ranking at 349 out of 373. That's terrible. No wonder plenty of people go out of state for anything more than an ingrown hair removal. Other weighty ones in it are transportation and education. When you assess that information it kind of tells you that the rapid growth here in Southern Nevada has been so overwhelming that the infrastructure, human and physical, fails to keep up. In short, that's the cost of being a boom town.

And this is my personal beef about the rankings. How did we earn a measly one on a 1 to 10 scale for restaurants? The national average shows a two. The last time I checked the Strip resorts nowadays host dozens of world famous chefs that cook American, Asian, French, Hawaiian, Italian and just about any cuisine you can think of. The food is great, the wine tastes good and the places are packed.

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