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Flipping Properties ............ Know The Lending Guidelines

With property values being as low as they are, many investors are taking advantage of this opportunity.  Investors will usually purchase a distressed property, foreclosure, short sale, or a property that just needs a little TLC.  This is referred to as Flipping properties, and there is nothing wrong with doing this.  It is a way for investors to make a quick profit, however, the profit might not be as quick as they think.

On all loans there is a required amount of time that the Sellers needs to have Title to the property before a Buyer can purchase the property and obtain financing.  This amount of time is based on the program guidelines, and Lender overlays.  I will give two examples that are based on both program guidelines and the overlays that we have a t McCue Mortgage.  Having said that I believe that you will find that we follow what the industry standard is right now.

My first example is of a Buyer trying to purchase a property with FHA Financing.  In the case of FHA Financing, the Seller will need to have Title to the property for a minimum of 91 days before a Buyer can obtain financing.  If the Seller is selling the property between 91 - 180 days of owning the property, FHA & Lenders will require two appraisals on the property, and one of them HAS to be paid for by the Seller.  The Seller will also have to provide receipts for the work done to justify the increase in the selling price.  After the Seller has held Title to the property for more than 181 days, the sale will be treated pretty much like any other sale.


The second example is for a property being purchased with Fannie Mae Financing.  Here you may see more of a variation between Lenders, but most will likely follow what we follow.  Fannie Mae requires the Seller to hold Title to the property for a minimum of 181 days, and like FHA two appraisals will be required, with one of them being paid by the Seller.  Again receipts will have to be produced to justify the increased selling price.  Lenders may require the same documentation on a Fannie Mae Loan for up to one full year.

These guidelines do not apply to Bank Owned Properties, or properties acquired through a divorce, or inherited property that has gone through Probate Court.

If you are representing investors that are Flipping Properties, make sure that you talk to your local Lender to go over both the program guidelines and the Lender guidelines.  Failure to do this may result in some very unpleasant and costly surprises.



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George Souto is a Loan Officer who can assist you with all your FHA, CHFA, and Conventional mortgage needs in Connecticut. George resides in Middlesex County which includes Middletown, Middlefield, Durham, Cromwell, Portland, Higganum, Haddam, East Haddam, Chester, Deep River, and Essex. George can be contacted at (860) 573-1308 or

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